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Student Loan Payment

February 15th, 2009 at 04:21 am

I have after all the bills and money set aside for gas and groceries exactly $41 left in my checking account. I was thinking of sending $41 to World Alliance my next debt on my snowball list but think it will be more beneficial to pay my student loan payment. Since there's interest tacked on to those payments each month and it'll keep me ahead of the game as well. My next payment will be due on April 6,2009 and than i'll make another Payment in March as well. Ummmm very tempted to do so I'm sure I'll "blow" the money on something useless if I don't send in the payment.

$540 Debt Paid off as of 02-10-2009

February 10th, 2009 at 03:52 pm

Wooo hooo I know its not much but every little bit is one step to becoming debt free. I can't believe in only 6 weeks. $540 has been dumped into debt I'm so motivated and can't wait to post future pay totals. As you guys can see from my side bar I went a little out of order lol but felt the need to because Nco has not reported that account to the credit reporting agencies So i just went ahead and paid them off since I'm already on an arrangement with Eastern Revenue. It works out well neither of them will be reported on my credit report. But I'm going to pay Eastern Revenue off come friday with my paycheck.