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Saved $200 Annually on Car Insurance

January 29th, 2009 at 07:00 pm

I must say I have been so unhappy with my auto insurance Agent. He is never available his support staff acts as if your annoying them when they answer the phone. I came to the conclusion today that it was time to go elsewhere. Especially after calling the office and leaving 4 messages for my agent to call and answer question concerning my Auto insurance renewal next month. Talk about lousy service and not to mention the young lady blountly stated " We don't have time to deal with customer's questioning our rates" Hummmm So collect our funds each month and not have time to answer questions. I have been a loyal customer I've been with this company since 2003 never had a lapse of coverage all payments are made on time they debit them from my checking account each month. GRRRRR I think that was the final straw I shopped around got the same exact coverage at a lower rate. I'm not one to jump from company to company but this office is terrible and Calling the home office didn't do any justice. They bascially referred me back to the Agent there. Also transferring agents office was out of the question unless you move 100 miles from your current residence. WHAT unbelievable. Sorry guys I had to vent.......

Pay Day!!!!

January 28th, 2009 at 05:05 pm

Today was pay day I paid $175 for my cable, phone and internet. This was my first month of service so it was higher than it would normally be. I took care of February's Rent $1,020 and also made a student loan payment of $32. I managed to add $100 to my savings account. And now have $220.00 to last until next paycheck on February 13th. I'll pick up some groceries over the weekend I also have to get an oil change and buy paper plates. lol I think I'll be fine and maybe will have a little left over as well.

Bank Account Balances

January 26th, 2009 at 03:13 pm

Bill Checking $15.78
Secondary Checking $300.00
Savings Act $150.00

I ended up spending $50 earlier today to pay a Final Telephone bill (I switched companies) I didn't want the bill to go to collection so I paid what I owed. Therefore leaving me with $450 (spare cash) However, Pay day is this Friday and I should be able to fund my secondary Checking and Savings Account this week. I'm actually proud of myself as normally all accounts would be on $0 4 days before pay day.