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May's Totals

June 1st, 2009 at 04:43 am

Rent $1,020
Car Payment $291
Cable/phone/internet $156
T-mobile $100
Student Loan $30
Electric $80 (overpaid $32)
Credit Card #1- $57
Credit Card #2- $61
Gasoline $128
Personal Grooming $228
Groceries $172
Fast Food $129
Debt Re-payments $277
Household Items inc computer Desk $312
Clothing $67
Order of Checks $21
Doctor Co-Pay $40
3rd party Telephone service $171
Bank Overdraft fees $85
Annual Renters Insurance $98
Annaual Motor Club $76

Total outgo= $3,169

Wow I didn't think I spent this much money this past month. I'm going to plan alot more Carefully for the month of June. I'm starting today to pack breakfast and lunch for work to cut down on that expense alone. I'm leaving the debit cards at home and only carrying one 20 dollar bill with me each day.

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