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Student Loan Consolidation

April 18th, 2009 at 03:48 pm

Wow I haven't blogged since April 11th I'm slacking here almost 8 days and no blog. Well nothing has changed except yesterday after analyzing my student loans and finally figuring out that its hurting my credit score that I have 5 open installment loans because of it. So I decided to do a consolidation which I'm hoping and thinking that it will benefit my credit report. It will reflect the current 5 loans as paid in full and there will only be one outstanding with a balance. I'm very optimistic that I made the right choice also not to mention that it saves myself from writing 5 different checks each month. This week my aunty and grandma treated to a vacation (cost me nothing) and I'm very thankful as well. Although I'm missing my BF like crazy already but I'll be fine I think we need a break actually it sounds crazy but its true.
Have a great weekend guys!!!

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