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First Quarter as A Whole Jan- Mar

March 26th, 2009 at 04:37 am

Car Payment $291
Car Insurance $137.58
Electric $11 Have a credit Pd until March
Rent $1,020
Eating Out $113.59
Clothing $21.18
Gas $36.58
Telephone $53.53
Groceries $42.30
Household Items $81.44
Entertainment $22.00
Debt Payments $269.56
Misc Movie Late Fee $6, Ticket $50 ,Lic Renewal fee $20.80

Rent $1,020
Car Payment $290
Car insurance $338.86 (paid 3 months)
Fast Food $194.88 (should punish myself for this )
Household (paper towel etc...) $57.80
Groceries $68.12
Gasoline $149.95
Debt Payments $528.89 (Woohoo)
Entertainment $3.18 (awesome here)
Personal (hair & nails grr) $102
Car Maintenance $51.48
Telephone Service $78.95

Rent $1,020
Car Payment $145.00
Car Insurance $78.57
Fast Food $83.43
Household $89.00
Groceries $0
Gasoline $82
Debt Payments $271.78
Entertainment $0
Personal (nails) $14
Cable, Phone, internet $82
Telephone Service $113.90
Clothing $128.34
Misc $104.95

This gives me a basic overview of where money is being spent. In April the beginning of the second Quarter I will be able to better assess area's that need cut backs. Hopefully Apr-Jun will bring much better results. I'm pretty optimistic about this.

3 Responses to “First Quarter as A Whole Jan- Mar ”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    that is a really good idea putting the months next to each other. you have done well in march with eating out/fast food!

  2. smiley2009 Says:

    Thanks Whitestripe I'm really going to try my hardest to eliminate eating out all togethe in the month of April.

  3. Tech Support for Lenovo Says:

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