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Saved $200 Annually on Car Insurance

January 29th, 2009 at 07:00 pm

I must say I have been so unhappy with my auto insurance Agent. He is never available his support staff acts as if your annoying them when they answer the phone. I came to the conclusion today that it was time to go elsewhere. Especially after calling the office and leaving 4 messages for my agent to call and answer question concerning my Auto insurance renewal next month. Talk about lousy service and not to mention the young lady blountly stated " We don't have time to deal with customer's questioning our rates" Hummmm So collect our funds each month and not have time to answer questions. I have been a loyal customer I've been with this company since 2003 never had a lapse of coverage all payments are made on time they debit them from my checking account each month. GRRRRR I think that was the final straw I shopped around got the same exact coverage at a lower rate. I'm not one to jump from company to company but this office is terrible and Calling the home office didn't do any justice. They bascially referred me back to the Agent there. Also transferring agents office was out of the question unless you move 100 miles from your current residence. WHAT unbelievable. Sorry guys I had to vent.......

7 Responses to “Saved $200 Annually on Car Insurance ”

  1. Little L Says:

    Great job. I recently save about $160 annually. I'm not loyal to ins companies anymore. I've switched 3 times in the past year, all in the name of saving money. They raise my rate with no claims and I go elsewhere.

  2. lizajane Says:

    Wow! "We don't have time to deal with customer's questioning our rates". Now that's a new one I hadn't heard before. They don't deserve to represent any insurance company. Maybe the home office wants to hear that type of feedback.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    if i were you i would write a letter of complaint to the head office as well as leaving them.

  4. Amber Says:

    Good for you. You would think that they would be a little bit more cordial given the day and age with every one trying to save any and every penny.

  5. Smiley2009 Says:

    Whitestripe- Yes I am going to send a letter to there corporate office.

    Amber- They didn't seem to be too concerned I couldn't believe it.

    lizajame- I totally agree I was trying to get clarification of the rate increase and see if it were possible to review the policy for a lower rate. I couldn't believe this one totally unacceptable.

  6. mooshocker Says:

    TRUE STORY: I had not had a rate review in over a decade. Each time I requested one, my rate would adjust maybe two or three dollars per month. As a joke to myself, I went to Geico.com. After punching in some numbers, get this: I SAVED OVER $700.00 PER YEAR!!!!!!!!!! I went from $1200/year to about $500.00/year for the exact same coverage taken from my actual policy!

    Regarding poor service, what is even more distressing is they are still in business when good, honest folks are losing theirs everyday. God bless.

  7. Tech Support for Lenovo Says:

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